Who (or what) is in charge of your prosperity?

Are you the one who decides your prosperity?

Embracing.the.Dark.sm_1When you work consciously on creating your pictures of what prosperity means to you, instead of adopting other people’s opinions, fears, and beliefs, you’ll be less affected by the highs and lows of the marketplace. Prosperity is a spiritual energy, one that you can decide for yourself. What you create with your spirit, leads into the rest of your life.

When you face yourself, look honestly within, and decide what is true for you, it becomes easier to create what you want. When you know yourself as already having value, prosperity follows.

Prosperity is not all about money, though it’s true that money can be a part of it. Money is a symbol, sometimes it symbolizes prosperity. However, there are many people on earth with plenty of money who don’t know they are prosperous, and lacking money doesn’t mean you don’t have anything.

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself about prosperity

Do you believe your ability to prosper is controlled by those around you, by the economy, bankers, the marketplace?

Do you feel like your prosperity is out of your control?

Do you take into account your relationships, health, and creativity, when you look at your prosperity? If you are reading this, you certainly have access to a computer, and you know how to read. This, too, is part of your prosperity.

Do you become fearful when the market drops, or negative economic indicators are forecast or reported?

What is real to you, whose information are you making real? The TV news, the bankers, the people who control the economy? What are you matching to?

Prosperity is a game we all play. If you decide to play the game your way, that is, from a place of conscious awareness within yourself, if you decide to heal your own prosperity and stop worrying about what others are matching to, you change it.

By becoming conscious of how the energy in and around you affects what happens to you, you can affect your own bottom line and ability to feel and become prosperous. You change what is by being in your truth. What if you were to decide that prosperity is your truth?

Here’s a beautiful picture of how we can do business on Earth, in a conscious, sustainable, prosperous way.

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Painting: ‘Embracing the Dark’ by Kris Cahill

A day in the life of a psychic

kris.skidrow.3.19.14I’m a full time professional psychic. Being psychic is my way of living and being. It’s also my business, my art, my healing, and my passion.

Having my psychic abilities working for me in my life is important to me. Being psychic has helped me to heal myself, spirit and body. I’m grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to learn about my abilities and to turn them on safely so that I can use them.

The clairvoyant training I went through at InVision in Chicago prepared me to become a professional psychic, it’s true. However, far more important than this is the freedom I gained from knowing how to work with spirit, and to access my own truth at a deeper level. The physical healing I’ve experienced is brilliant too.

The word ‘psychic’ means being sensitive to and aware of, energy, spirit. Everything is made of energy; the earth and all life forms on it are energy. The cosmos, the universe and all of existence is also made of energy. Every place you’ve ever been has its own energy, every person you know has a unique energy. You are energy on every level of being, and you are one of a kind. There is no other energy in all of existence like yours.

On a deep level, you already know all of this. When you choose to become more conscious of energy in everything and everyone around you, you start to understand the effect other energies can have on you.

My day is all about energy, whether I’m working with a client or doing my own work.

Committed as I am to being a psychic who is IN her body, rather than floating around somewhere else, I take great care of my body. Sleep, food, meditation, exercise…

To begin with, I ground my day and myself. Good breakfast. Meditation. Tea. Sometimes a walk with my husband around our very hilly neighborhood, great cardio to begin the day.

Daily meditation is a must for me. I practice grounded meditation, along with a number of techniques that help me release energy that isn’t mine, and also make it easier for me to have my space and protect myself. I keep a daily log for my coming day, which helps me to ground what I am doing that day. Whether I’m at home in my office all day, seeing clients, going out to a meeting or to do my weekly radio show, writing down the basic details of my day helps me keep it grounded.

I also practice yoga daily. Due to the nature of my work, I find myself sitting a lot, and my body doesn’t like it. Yoga, stretching and breathing, all help my body to be happy.

Working as a psychic affects the body. If I don’t want my body to be hurt from all of the energy I’m handling, I need to clean out the energy that isn’t mine, every day. Due to the nature of my profession, I take on a lot of energy at times. The good news is that I know how to let it go just as quickly.

I see my clients in person in my office in Glendale, Ca., and I also work with them by phone, Skype, and Facetime. I have many regular clients and see new ones all the time too. I plan my schedule according to my client load, which changes from week to week, and has been increasing at a steady pace over the past few years, as word of mouth gets out about my readings, and more people refer their friends to me.

I also plan my schedule around meal time. I love food, and love to cook healthy meals at home, which is another reason I like having my office in my home.

Creativity is an important part of my day

Creating new offerings is an important part of my work day. It takes more energy to create new recordings, articles, and classes than it takes to do anything else I do. I need to set aside all distractions and other business in order to write a new post for my blog, or record a guided meditation for my storefront. These creations are important to the overall health and well being of my business, and I’m always looking for new ways to add to what I do.

As of this writing, I’m working on recording ‘The Chakra Workshops’, which is a series of 7 one hour guided meditation classes about accessing and healing the seven main chakras in your energy system. Find The Chakra Workshops here.

As a lifelong artist, I am always conscious that I am making art of one kind or another. So are we all! Human beings each have a unique spirit, and can create their own lives to be what they want them to be. Each of us is already the artist of ourselves. As a clairvoyant, I am helping you to make your own art.

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What happens when you give a spiritual hello?

You already know how good it feels to receive a real hello

Mirrored.AussiegallWhen another person says hello to you, it can feel good. You are welcomed, included, seen. You are not being judged or ignored – you’re being acknowledged for existing, for having value.

When someone gives you a true, non-judgmental hello, she or he is giving you a spiritual hello. That person is saying hello to you, just as you are. Whether you know each other or not, a spiritual hello can be given and received, in any situation.

A spiritual hello can help remind you of who you are

Sometimes people don’t receive a hello to their spirit, but instead to the picture of what they are ‘supposed’ to be. Women get hellos to their beauty, men to their success, everyone gets hellos to how much money they have, what they do for a living, who their friends are, etc. You can get a hello on so many things that are not the real you. Your own family or group may not want to say hello to the real you, because they want you to be like they are. 

What happens when you don’t ever receive a real hello to your spirit, when you don’t get seen? You may feel lonely, invisible, sad. One of the greatest causes of human pain is loneliness. Never being seen and said hello to can create a deep loneliness.

Everyone has a unique energy, a one of a kind spirit. When you say hello to the spirit of another person, you are giving her or him a gift. It’s easier to have a real communication, one that feels true to you, when you come from the perspective of “hello, I see you”.

When you see others as being whole, powerful, complete, and just as important as you are, you see a more truthful picture of that person’s spirit. There is a difference between saying hello to someone’s invalidation, fear, disability, or unconsciousness, and saying hello to the real spirit of that person.

As a clairvoyant, I was trained to say hello to the spirit of another person. Learning to give this hello is one of the most valuable things I’ve been taught in my life.

Beautiful things happen in your world when you give a hello to others, and here’s a few of them

1. Your hello spreads peace. When you acknowledge another person’s existence, you are giving. When we do this for each other, even if we don’t know each other, even if we are from different countries, tribes, groups, and families, we create peace with our hello. I acknowledge you when I say hello, and you do the same for me.

2. Your hello to others brings success to you. We live in a connection economy. When you say hello to people in your business, you let them know you value them as people. People who get a hello from you are more likely to bring you their business. Social media is about communication and giving a hello to others.

3. You improve your relationships. When you make an effort to say hello to the people you have relationships with, those who are in your life every day, you can create happier, warmer relationships. Just try it and see. Really look at those you live and work with, and say hello to them. Repeat.

A hello is consciousness

You can change the world with your hello. You can start today by saying hello to those who you meet, those who serve you your meal, or check out your groceries. Say hello to your neighbors, your work mates, your employees. Try it while you’re in traffic – imagine sending a hello to those in the cars all around you. Just let it go when you say hello – don’t hold onto it or expect anything back.

Even if you say hello to someone who doesn’t say hello back, you’ve had an effect. Move on and say it again to the next person. You never know how your hello may help or affect a person you’ve given it to. Just as you would give a gift without expecting one in return, give your hello.

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Has self-doubt been walking away with your certainty?

Has doubt been walking away with your certainty?Certainty is the energy of confidence

You already know how good it feels to have confidence on your side. When you vibrate at the energy of confidence, you’re golden. Confidence is an attractive energy; when you have this one working for you, you’ll find it easier to attract more of what you want, without effort.

With certainty, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone else. When you feel sure of yourself, that’s good enough for you to move ahead with your plans. There’s a kind of magic that happens, spiritually, when you do this. You will be rewarded for choosing certainty.

It’s funny how things just seem to fall into place when you are certain.

Certainty is a vibration of energy. When you are matched to this vibration, you attract more of what you want to yourself. If you are certain of yourself, you appear confident and capable. Other people are aware of this vibration and are more likely to trust you, hire you, believe you, and want to work with you. Think of the people you find yourself attracted to, whether you know them personally or not, who exude confidence and certainty. Men and women alike appear more attractive when they are at ease and look confident.

On the other hand, you may find it difficult to believe or trust someone who looks nervous, uncertain, and doubts himself. Other people feel the same way when you do this. If you think you’re not enough, or won’t be up to the task at hand, it can be pretty tough to create what you want to have. It’s hard to get people to sign up for your dreams, plans, and ideas, if you’re mired in self-doubt. Self-doubt is also a vibration of energy.

What tools help you to have more certainty for yourself?

First of all, it helps to have faith in yourself. You can develop faith in you by getting to know who you really are, what makes you tick, what you want, what you love. Learn to trust you. If this means that you need to stay away from negative people who can’t validate this kind of healthy self love, then do so.

Meditation, especially grounded meditation, helps you to feel safe, clear out the noise, and create a clear direct communication with yourself. Meditation is a powerful tool that will help you to build your confidence in yourself.

If you have faith in your own spirit, faith in yourself, and trust that things will work out for you if you do the work you’re here to do, you can’t go wrong.

What are the things you don’t need in order to be certain?

You don’t need to prove yourself, or to convince anyone else you’re right. You don’t have to know how everything is going to work out, you just need to find your certainty and go for it. You don’t need anyone else to sign off on your certainty, or to approve of you.


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What kind of energy are you running?

W energy are you running?hatAre you aware of what kind of energy you’re running through you?

Energy is fuel. Your body, emotions, mind, and spirit all need enough fuel in order to work well. You always have a vibration of energy running through you. The quality of that vibration determines how you feel and what you are able to create. As you live your life, it becomes increasingly important to run energies through you that support and nourish your choices, healing, and creations.

When you become aware of your own energy, what it is and also what it isn’t, it’s easier to consciously choose to run energy throughout yourself that works better for you.

Do you know which energies you have allowed into your space?

Believe it or not, you may be running the energy of the city you live in through you, right now. You could also be running that difficult meeting with your boss, the bad news you heard on the radio, and some family pain, just to top it off. You can be running a highly charged toxic feeling energy through yourself. You could be doing all of this and not even be aware of it. Your own unique energy is the best vibration for you.

Even if you’re careful about exercise, sleep, and the food you eat, you could still be taking on toxic energies from what’s happening around you, and running them through your own energy system. If you find yourself feeling tired and depleted, it could be due to whatever you took on and are running through yourself right now.

The only energy that works well inside of you is your very own. Yes, it’s your unique brand of energy that heals you and helps you to feel great, and it’s one of a kind. Consciousness is knowing what is your energy and also what isn’t.

You have an energy system

Built into your body and spirit is a complex and detailed spiritual, or energetic, system. This system includes your channels, chakras, and aura. Whatever energies you pick up end up in your energy system, and affect your body. Energy that shows up in the body begins in your spirit. Energy = spirit, they are the same thing.

In order to fully access your spirit in your life, it’s necessary to remove energies that aren’t you, the ones that you’ve been carrying around with you. All of that built up energy can really add some heaviness to your spirit, weighing it down and making it tough to access your abilities. Imagine allowing your computer’s hard drive to fill completely up, or never getting your car’s oil changed. These machines won’t work well for long unless you care for them and clean them out from time to time. The same is true of you – spirit, body, mind.

Grounding yourself helps you to heal

Grounded meditation gives you a way to release the energies you took on that aren’t you. It’s easy, fun, and feels good to ground yourself. I have a lot of information about grounded meditation on this site, and also at my blog, Psychic Everyday. Learn a simple grounding tool in my ‘Grounding Yourself’ free guided meditation, available on my shop page.

Grounding gets the ball rolling, as well as the energy moving! There are many more techniques you can learn to help you become aware of energy, in the Psychic Meditation 1 Class.

The Psychic Meditation 1 Class‘Running energy’ is one of my very favorite techniques for changing out and cleaning up the energy system. This is a method of cleaning out your channels, chakras, aura, and body, by running neutral earth and cosmic energies through you. Doing this helps you clear out deeply caught and stuck energies, and makes room for you to run your own true vibration. Practicing running energy in your daily meditation helps you to have more energy, happier feelings and emotions, and to free yourself of all the unwanted stresses you’ve been running. Your body also heals deeply when you run energy. This technique is taught in week 3 of the Psychic Meditation 1 Class.

There are some simple ‘do it yourself’ ways to heal yourself. Becoming conscious of energy, practicing grounded meditation, and learning to run energy can help you create a brand new you, and to meet the real you!

Learn more about and sign up for the online Psychic Meditation 1 Class.

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