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Transformation time on planet Earth

Transformation time is upon us, all of us, everywhere on this brilliant planet we share, this beautiful earth. We learn more about the world around us by the minute. New creations, inventions, and discoveries are showing up every day.  The earth itself is transforming before our eyes, and we are being reminded to make more thoughtful, conscious, and intelligent choices […]

Optimism is a radical and spiritual c...

I am an optimist, happily so. I’ve been one my whole life, and expect to continue. I feel fortunate and grateful that I tend to look on the sunny side, even when there’s nothing but clouds. If the glass looks empty, I have no doubt it’ll fill up again. This attitude has brought me many blessings and happy things, […]

How do you heal yourself?

Everyone has the power to heal. Healing is a creative choice, a conscious act. What’s more, all healing is self healing. When it comes to your own healing, you have more power than you may know. Healing yourself doesn’t mean that you are sick or broken to begin with, and everyone has a different definition of what ‘self […]

Healing yourself begins with self lov...

This week’s self healing tip: give yourself the gifts of love, acceptance, and kindness. There is no healing substitute for self love. No other energy coming from anywhere or anyone is as powerful as the energy you give to yourself. Your attitude towards yourself matters. You don’t have to prove it or earn it, but you deserve […]

Bring your spirit into your everyday ...

When you bring your spirit along with you every day, you change your experience of being alive. You also get to have a lot more fun being who you already are. When I woke up to this reality for myself, and started to say hello to the spirit in and all around me, it became crystal clear that life […]

Let go of the lies that keep you smal...

This week’s self healing tip: if you believe something that makes you feel like hiding, find a way to let it go. It is not your truth.  You may need to face it directly first. What is it actually telling you? Do you know who or where it came from? Does it have a face and/or voice […]

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