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My new American Dream has room for ev...

There is a big rescue effort underway in the United States to bring back the American Dream and save that endangered species known as the middle class. According to sources, this species has been under attack since approximately 1980, and is in danger of becoming extinct. The middle class has apparently had its version of […]

Create your happiness from the inside...

When you make the choice to be happy, you put your creative spirit to work. You put yourself in charge of your life, which puts the responsibility for making you happy back where it belongs – with you. You are a deeply powerful and creative being. The spirit of you is the part of you […]

What happens when you believe in your...

When you choose to believe in yourself, you’re ignoring the status quo that says you require approval from others in order to proceed with your belief in you. Following the rules (someone else’s rules) isn’t on your agenda. Your spirit is self employed, and you’re following your internal truth. You’re not taking memos from others. […]

What is your inner voice telling you?

What do you say to yourself, and how do you say it? Do you speak to yourself as if you trust and value you? Are you kind to yourself? Can you sing out loud, tell yourself jokes, and reassure the timid, scared parts of you that you’re okay? Or do you judge yourself for being […]

What do you do when you’re feel...

You may have had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to feel stuck. If so, you know the feeling: nothing is working. You are failing, and things are falling apart. All of your efforts are in vain. You can’t seem to get out of this rut you’ve somehow landed in. You feel frustration, discomfort, […]

Do you practice the art of listening?

Do you ever sit still and simply listen, engage yourself in the art of listening – not so much to the many sounds and noises out in the world, but to the sounds within you? If you meditate, you may already do this, simply because you take the time to sit still. Stillness is the […]

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