You can’t feed your spirit on empty calories

small.Bamn!.DanielLobo.FlickrWhen you are on a healing path, and especially a self healing path, it’s wise to become conscious about how the food you eat, affects you.

Every step along your spiritual path, your body is going to tell you what it needs. If you listen to your body, and respect what it wants and needs, you will feed your spirit as well as your body.

It becomes easier, and a lot more fun, to make your spiritual growth real if your body can come along for the journey. It’s difficult to ground yourself or make anything real if you exist on a diet of sugar, white flour, fast food, and caffeine.

Food is an important part of your path, and you will need different kinds of food as you grow spiritually. Spiritual growth takes a lot of energy, energy you would be wise to consciously put back.

I was a vegetarian before I joined the clairvoyant training that launched me into the next part of my life. I was an educated vegetarian, very committed to staying that way. I bought organic, cooked a lot at home, and did what I thought was right by my diet. I was proud of myself for eating what I believed were the ‘right’ foods for me.

Except that I was just about to start a yearlong clairvoyant training, and my body kept asking me to eat fish. My body was telling me that I needed more protein, specifically salmon, so I listened and finally ate some. I remember feeling amazing afterward, so present, full of energy, ready to begin a huge important step in my own personal growth.

What my body was telling me was this: “in order to be safe and grounded for all that spiritual work you’re about to do, I need this kind of food.”

If you doubt your body’s innate wisdom about what it needs, you will listen to outside influences and experts rather than listening to your own body. You can also choose to be unconscious rather than bother to learn what your body really needs to fuel itself with, or what that stuff is that you are putting into your mouth.

‘The personal is political’ is a phrase made famous by the feminist movement of the 1970′s in the United States. My updated version of this phrase is: ‘the personal is political is spiritual’.

As you become more aware spiritually, and choose differently in a conscious manner, your choices affect every part of the culture, to the politics and also to how and what is being done to the food supply.

This kind of awareness is in short supply now in the U.S., due to the widespread acceptance of factory farming. As you become more conscious and understand what you are eating and what it does to you, and to the environment you live in, you will want healthier cleaner food. You will value having that kind of food supply. As more people value it and begin to demand it, changes will be made. You have a lot of power, simply by becoming conscious.

Beginning now, you can become more aware of how your body is affected by food you are putting into your mouth. Let go of all the judgments, the experts, the studies, and especially whether the FDA says your food is healthy or not. Learn about GMO’s, and support your right to know if your food is genetically modified.

Learn more about how your body is affected by the energy of food you are feeding it. Listen to your body’s wisdom, and you’ll feed your own spirit well.

If you would like to learn more about nutrition and feeding yourself well, here are a few resources for you. There are many more out there, and more is being written about this topic all the time. Perhaps you’d like to add your awareness, and with it your voice, to this discussion.

©Kris Cahill

Image: ‘Bamn!’ ©Daniel Lobo on Flickr


What is your relationship to pain?

small.BlueMountains.LucaZanon.UnsplashPain is a familiar experience in life.

Each of us has a relationship to pain, conscious or not. Whether you see it as your friend or foe, pain has helped you grow, and taught you important lessons.

It’s never fun when you’re going through the thick of it, but pain can be a valuable ally when you create a more conscious relationship to it.

Being in a body brings some suffering along with. Emotions, including pain, are the language of the body. You can learn compassion from feeling your own wounds, and also from witnessing and validating the feelings of others around you. Growing this consciousness helps you to make better, kinder choices about how you treat other people in your life.

We inflict pain on others by judging them without bothering to say hello to them first, usually because we are afraid. By not seeing, not understanding, and reaching a cold calculating conclusion about another person without taking the time to put ourselves in their shoes, we create mountains of pain.

“Do not suffer over your suffering.”   -Ralph Blum, ‘The Book of Runes’

You also create your own pain, often unconsciously.

When you believe lies about yourself, lies that tell you that you can’t, aren’t, and will never be enough, you’re going to feel pain, despair, hopelessness, or something equally rough. This can stop you from growing and reaching for your dreams; if you don’t believe in yourself, why bother trying?

You might create this situation because you need others to confirm for you who you are, because you don’t know yourself. You create pain by endlessly comparing yourself to others and by believing the lie that there isn’t room for you to be who you are.

When you need others to approve of you, it’s going to hurt when they don’t. You will be controlled by this. If this has ever been true for you, and no longer is, you learned from it. Don’t blame those who ‘hurt’ you because they were mean or didn’t approve of you. They helped you see that it’s up to you, not them, to approve of yourself. Once you do, pain gone!

The greatest pain is loneliness: the pain of not being seen.

We hold tightly onto our pain sometimes, as if it defines us. Sometimes it does – have you ever met anyone who defines large chunks of his life by pain? “If only that event hadn’t occurred I wouldn’t hurt all the time!” There are those who like to believe that life is hard and that’s just how it is, and that there is no letting it go.

Pain makes things real for some, and holding onto old uncomfortable energies makes it real that they went through an experience. They will let it  go only when they are ready to do so. Some people have pain contests, “my pain is bigger than yours!”. Others pride themselves in holding onto every bit of the pain, and you can see it in their faces and bodies.

Our bodies store the pain we take on: spiritual and emotional pain, as well as pain caused by negative thinking, anger, and invalidation. We think all that toxic energy is hanging out in the ether somewhere, or in our minds. Meanwhile, guess where else it’s going? Yes, straight into our bodies.

Pain cannot be solved. You won’t make sense of it.

But you can let it go. Here’s a few suggestions that may help.

  1. Say hello to the pain: “hello pain!”. Whether it’s physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, try to say hello. It exists and you are experiencing it.
  2. Don’t judge the pain. It’s here for a reason. Maybe you know the underlying cause of the pain, maybe not. Whichever, just say hello.
  3. Ask the pain why it’s here. You may already know why, or not. Use this tool to simply ask. It helps to find a quiet place, sit still, close your eyes and go within, ask and then listen.
  4. In “The Book of Runes”, Ralph Blum said “don’t suffer over your suffering”. Often we create more pain for ourselves because we are already in pain over something that has gone amiss. I’ve noticed that whenever I’ve done this, it’s because I go into the fear of what will happen now that this pain is here for me to deal with.
  5. What is this pain teaching you? What can you learn from it?
  6. Do your best to let go of the pain. Is there anything else you can let go of that will help you to release this pain?
  7. No matter how good you are, how kind and perfect and sweet, you can never ever make another person let go of pain. You can inspire them to do it, but it’s their job. so if you’ve been failing at this and feeling bad about it, stop. I’ve seen healers go into pain themselves because they couldn’t “fix” the pain of another.
  8. Stop making situations and other people responsible for your wounds. Forgive, and that will help you to release your pain.

We are so used to managing pain, controlling pain, “winning” against pain, and fearing pain, that we forget to create a conscious relationship to pain.

And that we can. In fact, in order to heal ourselves, we must.

Children learn about pain from watching how the adults around them deal with it. If the adults regularly let go, forgive and move on, the child learns it’s safe to do this too.

The child learns about pain as she grows, and if she is taught to let go of what she cannot solve, her relationship to pain will be different that the child who grows up around people who hang onto every last scrap of pain, because it is who they see themselves as being.

The healer, who, knowingly or not, takes on the pain of others has a relationship to pain that may include an unconscious demand to solve.

The pain that comes from being disconnected from the earth, and from seeing her beautiful creatures suffer and die: Cecil the lion, elephants poached for their ivory, pigs and cows crammed into factory farms in this country, seabirds dying horrible deaths due to oil spills. All of this pain is created by human beings, and we all have the power to heal it.

The earth and all life on it is a great big beautiful ever changing ball of energy. We are in Earth School, and pain is one of the concepts we study and learn from. Few people willingly embrace pain, but we all have to deal with it.

When you choose to create a conscious relationship to pain, you change your whole way of seeing life, and your part in it. You become part of the healing instead of matching to the pain.

Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.   -Joseph Campbell

©Kris Cahill

‘Blue Mountains’ ©Luca Zanon on Unsplash


The greatest psychic ability is to know yourself

BorrowedEarth.ArsenNobody knows you better than you know yourself.

If someone tells you otherwise, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

They might be saying that they know who they want you to be, who you are “supposed” to be, or even who you want them to think is the real you.

Meanwhile, the actual truth of who you are might be hidden and protected down deep, under a surface of demands, responsibilities, beliefs, agreements, and other people’s energy.

Your truth might be so well hidden that even you are having a hard time seeing it. This can make it difficult for you to change, and therefore to possibly disappoint the people around you: family, friends, workmates, clients, neighbors.

What happens when you change how you see yourself in order to become who you really are?

Other people around you now have no choice but to adjust to your new found truth. Some of them might resist, pout, get angry, or refuse to respect your wishes. You are making demands on them, after all, just by showing up in your new truth. It was so much easier for them before, and now they are disappointed. In other words, you’re wrong. ‘Give me back the illusion, I don’t want your truth!’ they will demand.

If your previous self image didn’t allow for you to make any demands or own your space in these relationships, this can really blow a few people’s minds. If there are people in your life who don’t like you to be your true self, perhaps they are not your friends.

The thing about seeing and knowing something is that it’s really hard to un-see or un-know it. You’re forced to make a choice. Choose wisely.

On the positive side, some of the people in your world will celebrate your new freedom (knowing yourself is spiritual freedom), and you will meet more people who are validating for you. Your relationships can grow and evolve, because you are being your true self. No apologies or explanations are needed when you are being you.

Remember that last movie you saw where the hero or heroine decided to finally begin to stand up for him/herself? Did you find it inspiring, and maybe even a little bit frightening? It might feel scary for you to make a big shift, especially if you are letting go of so much in the process.

Amazing things begin to surface when you decide to know the most important person in your own life – you. If you choose to be the most important energy in your own space, your life will shift into being more of how you want it to be, effortlessly.

It helps to become aware of the other people and energies you’ve allowed to define you. It’s time to kick them out, especially if you want to get clearer within yourself about who you are.

Helpful tools to help you know yourself:

1. Truth – your own. You can begin by honestly answering that all important question: what do you really want? Are you living your own truth, or are you pretending things are fine the way they are now because it’s too hard and/or inconvenient to change them? Remember that what is true for you is not necessarily true for others. And vice versa. It’s your job to decide whether you will follow your truth, or not. No competition with others is required, you win by finding yours and living it.

2. Forgiveness. Begin by forgiving yourself, then move on to others, then back to you. Repeat. What to forgive? Here’s a short list: you are not perfect; they are not perfect; you make mistakes sometimes; so do the others. Do this daily.

3. Let go. As in, stop being such a control freak. What you are trying to control might be controlling you. Do your body a favor and allow it to release the tension it carries from the strain of trying to control everything. Holding on to all of that stuff will definitely hurt your body. If your body is happy, it is easier for you to be in it and have your life how you want it to be. (See #4, Grounding Yourself.)

4. Ground yourself. Grounding is a miracle, and one of the simplest techniques you can practice. It is also sometimes the most difficult, due to that very simplicity. Grounding is as old as the earth, and as deep. One way to ground yourself: sit comfortably, have your feet flat on the floor, close your eyes, and create a connection from your lower body deep into the earth. Release any energies you are holding onto that don’t feel right for you. Stay conscious while doing this. It’s fun and feels good too!

5. Listen to that still small voice within. Are you muffling that inside voice under a layer of busyness, overworking, worry, control, guilt, or being a victim? It’s time to stop blaming outside energies or circumstances and begin taking responsibility for yourself. Take some quiet time every day to listen to yourself, without judgment. This is how you can also begin to access your other psychic abilities, like your intuition, inner voice, and so on.

Not everyone wants to get to know themselves. Many people are perfectly happy following the blueprint that’s been laid out for them, and that’s fine. You don’t need to worry about them or try to change a thing for anyone else. How about this instead: you do this for yourself, and become a great example of what is possible?

Life is all about spiritual growth. Simply put, we are here to grow, learn, and experience. When you choose to find your own truth, to tell yourself the truth, and to live by it too, you will find your own genius.

©Kris Cahill

‘Borrowed Earth’ ©Arsen Shahbazian on Instagram

A new day begins, and you get to choose

small.AlbinoPeacock.JamesKelly.FBpage_4Today is another opportunity to get up, and then to wake up, and then to make a choice.

What are you choosing? How about this: what’s your energy for today? Will you find your own vibration, or will you match to the energy of others around you?

In other words, will you decide consciously, or will you allow it to be decided for you?

Choosing the energy you’ll wear for the day ahead is about being conscious. Just as you already choose which clothes to wear, what colors, jewelry, shoes, coat, you can choose the energy.

This is different from choosing how you’ll feel. You may feel great and choose the energy for your day, or you may feel not so great, and still choose. For example, say you wake up one morning feeling a bit melancholy. You can still choose to get up out of bed, get dressed for the day, and go to work, or school, or to your studio. You’re not letting the melancholy stop you, though it does affect your energy.

Now, take that a step further, into consciousness. You are still feeling melancholy, still deciding to get up and go, and if you also decide that the day is perfect as it is, and that so are you, you’re going to have a very different day than if you dive into the melancholy feeling and decide everything is bad.

You are making a choice, instead of deciding that such and such isn’t possible because of how you are feeling. You might also decide that it’s a great day to play hooky, and catch up on self care and sleep. That can be a great choice too, and could result in you feeling much more energized, happy, and well cared for.

The point is that you are choosing, and your choice will affect your energy.

If you belong to a community or group that has specific rules its members must follow, you are often expected to match to the prevailing energy of that group. For example, corporate culture has very strict rules, down to what you wear, what you think, how you look, what you say.

Your permission levels are often set at the rules of the group, depending on your rank within the group of course. The energy has been set by something outside of yourself. You agree to it because you want to be there. It is a game you have chosen to play.

You’re used to this already, because the schools you went to were set up like this too. Even if you went to art school, as I did, which had more lenient rules, there was still a prevailing energy. From art school one graduates into the art world, which has Very Big Rules. What do you have to do and be in order to succeed wildly in that art world? What if you’re just not it? Does that mean you can never succeed, or that you have the wrong energy?

A family can operate in a similar way, and so can a religion, neighborhood, club, or any group of people. In the schools you attended, you might have belonged to a certain group. Maybe you were a jock, or geek, or artist, or one of the smart kids. You gravitated towards those you fit in with best.

If your school had sharply delineated groups, you knew where you didn’t belong. Crossover between strictly defined groups has often been frowned upon, and sometimes harshly punished. The group will protect itself, so there is pressure to fit in. In the eyes of some groups, if you don’t match, you are doing something wrong.

Not everyone fits in with the group they are part of to begin with. If you let the group’s demands stop you from being who you are, you won’t get to grow and become who you are. Your energy will be decided by the group.

The ones who don’t match to the prevailing energy, the weirdos and artists and inventors, are usually the ones creating something new.

This is because they are not afraid to step on the toes of the group, nor do they need its praise in order to create. They can do this because they have decided to follow their own internal muse, rather than match to outside energy.

Many people who create their own businesses do so because they choose to not match to the prevailing energy set by a corporate entity, or a boss of any kind. This is how the economy is being recreated now.

When you step onto your own path and decide for yourself, the rules of the groups around you do not control what you can create. It takes a lot of nerve and guts to do this, often because the groups you belonged to will not validate this kind of group busting behavior. This is the way we grow, evolve, and change. This is necessary.

When you decide how you will set your own vibration, you will stand out from the crowd. When you decide it’s okay to do that, you decide so much more. You inspire others to do the same.

The old rules are changing daily. Even so, we still have quite a lot of the old programming to release, and it can feel really scary to have so many new choices available to us.

This is all about energy, and about spiritual growth.

Life is energy, and we are each made of energy. We are all swimming in a big sea of energy. Every decision you make affects the energy you handle in your life, and the same goes for me. Evolution is energy, and so is resistance to evolution.

Energy is present in every aspect of life. When you become aware of the energy around you, and learn which energy you can control and which isn’t your problem, you make your own life easier. You have many different opportunities throughout each day to create, in each moment, by being aware of energy.

So how do you do this, especially in a very busy life and world? Choose to create a daily practice of some kind for yourself, in order to open yourself up to your own spirit, and become more conscious of the energy around you. Meditation is one of the best tools you can use for this, and I highly recommend that you practice it daily.

Other good tools include yoga, breathing, quiet time, writing, exercise, talking to spiritually aware people you know, reading books about spiritual growth, and any other practices that help you get in touch with your spirit and your own truth.

©Kris Cahill
‘Albino Peacock’ ©James Kelly


Transformation time on planet Earth time is upon us, all of us, everywhere on this brilliant planet we share, this beautiful earth.

We learn more about the world around us by the minute. New creations, inventions, and discoveries are showing up every day. 

The earth itself is transforming before our eyes, and we are being reminded to make more thoughtful, conscious, and intelligent choices about how we treat our home and the other beings who live here with us.

The great news is that the really big changes are happening within us. Opportunities for personal spiritual growth and awareness are endless. Permission levels for this are increasing all over the globe. We are evolving. There is a revolution going on now, on a global scale – a consciousness revolution. 

This is a time when we get to grow and to become more of who we really are. Transformation time means that you can finally let go of that old whatever-it-was that told you you couldn’t let go of it.

That’s not up to it, whatever its Name is, (fear, pain, grudges, heartbreak, invalidation, anger, excuses, unconsciousness, bad experiences, mistakes you made, blah blah blah), it’s up to you. It’s your job to do this, to allow yourself to grow.

None of us can do this for another person. We can each choose to do it ourselves, and then we have a positive effect on those we want to convince to make changes. If you hold your own growth back in order to wait for others to be ready, then no one grows. Do your work, mind your business, and allow them to come along when they are ready. Don’t judge or push, work on you.

“When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness. They wanted her to change back into what she always had been. But she had wings.”  –Dean Jackson

Consciousness creates personal change. You wake up, get over the past, forgive and let go, and your entire vibration as a being lifts, lightens, evolves. And just by doing this, you contribute to the change happening out there, in the world.

In other words, by doing your work, you help others around you to do theirs. You can decide for yourself alone. Your inner changes, no matter how small, lead to bigger changes out in the world around you.

Many people at once are waking up and transforming, letting go, choosing forgiveness and love, which contributes to a higher level of positive energy concentrated on the planet. We each have the power to become a wise leader.

Transformation is the name of the game right now on planet earth. There’s no longer any time and space to coast along and pretend nothing is changing. We can’t ignore it any longer, even if we want to do so. 

The resistance and backlash against the deep social changes taking place everywhere are coming from those who fear change, or want to control, or can’t see sharing with others. Those who would divide us are yet unable to see the truth about how we are all, at a higher level, one with each other.

The oneness we long to experience with others of like mind is a reflection of finding our oneness within. 

Why not give yourself permission to make your choice to grow, all about you? Give yourself permission to transform, even if you have no clue as to what you’re transforming into. Follow your own heart and you can’t go wrong.

You don’t have to be perfect or even very good at anything. You don’t have to explain yourself, or be the best. You don’t have to compare your actions, body, successes and failures, to those of everyone else. It doesn’t matter whether you paid your credit card bill on time, or if your refrigerator is clean.

Transformation is never about perfect, and often about messy, at least in the beginning. Go with it, dive in, do the work. You’ve done it before, and you can do it again. Only you will know if you are living in your own true self. It’s nobody else’s business to tell you what that should be.


When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.  -Joseph Campbell

©Kris Cahill
‘Sunset in Serengetti’ ©Richard Spencer on