How do you heal yourself?


Everyone has the power to heal. Healing is a creative choice, a conscious act. What’s more, all healing is self healing. When it comes to your own healing, you have more power than you may know. Healing yourself doesn’t mean that you are sick or broken to begin with, and everyone has a …

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Can you ask for what you really want?


What do you want for your life, and for yourself? Do you have permission to ask for what you really want? Whether what you want is to be paid more money, to have good health, or be in a happy relationship, it helps to ask. Are you able to tell …

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Listen to your heart and get a life – yours


Has your heart been calling to you? Have you been listening, or have you blocked its calls? Did you turn your heart’s volume down, put out a ‘do not disturb’ sign, or invalidated it as being unrealistic? Perhaps you’ve believed those who insist that the pursuit of career, money, status, …

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Question authority, and become your own


This famous photo, taken during an antiwar demonstration at the Pentagon in 1967, became one of the many iconic images to represent an era and an entrance into a new world: Peace, Love, and Flower Power! The 1960′s ushered in a revolution in ways of thinking and living life. A …

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Learn to trust your intuition

Intuition is one of the more useful abilities you already have. The trick to developing your intuition is to use it. Like any talent or ability, it needs to be exercised and practiced in order for it to grow. Imagine this: you have a question, an inquiry, or a conundrum …

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