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Curiosity leads you to yourself

Your curiosity is the tool that will lead you to create an authentic life – yours. Depending on your relationship to it, curiosity will help you imagine and create a brand new world, especially when you’ve come to the end of the old one and you need a next step forward. ‘What will that be?’, […]

What can you create with yes?

Today is a great day to begin a new practice: say yes. Especially if you have an automatic habit of saying no, start to say yes instead. Your ‘yes’ welcomes new experiences and opportunities into your life. New people come along with those new experiences. Fresh points of view help you to break out of […]

The greatest psychic ability is to kn...

Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. If someone tells you otherwise, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They might be saying that they know who they want you to be, who you are “supposed” to be, or even who you want them to think is the real you. Meanwhile, the actual truth […]

A new day begins, and you get to choo...

Today is another opportunity to get up, and then to wake up, and then to make a choice. What are you choosing? How about this: what’s your energy for today? Will you find your own vibration, or will you match to the energy of others around you? In other words, will you decide consciously, or […]

How do you heal yourself?

Everyone has the power to heal. Healing is a creative choice, a conscious act. What’s more, all healing is self healing. When it comes to your own healing, you have more power than you may know. Healing yourself doesn’t mean that you are sick or broken to begin with, and everyone has a different definition of what ‘self […]

Who is writing the story of your life...

Every day you wake up to begin a new chapter in your own story. The story of your life isn’t written until you live it, and you get to make it up as you go along.  You are in charge of deciding what story lines to follow, what choices to make, what your character says […]

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