Here’s why meditation is fun

Yes, meditation is fun! A few great reasons to get your meditation on…

It’s really true that if you’re having fun, you’re doing something right. Meditation is one of my favorite practices for bringing more fun into my life. 

Is it fun to feel good? Do you enjoy being validated, feeling creative, energized and healthy, being able to decisively take action when you know you want to do so? Do you want to know more about who you are?

All of this is about being able to find your own energy, and have your space. Personally speaking, I find all of this stuff fun. I love to meditate – to me it’s imagination time.

My meditation time looks like this: I sit down in a comfy seat, a cup of tea standing by, along with a sketchbook in which to capture any brilliant ideas that may show up while I’m meditating.

I close my eyes, settle in, ground myself, and I’m there. I love the feeling of coming back to myself, back together again. I laugh, let go, say hello to energy that shows up, and get my body happy when I relieve it of the energetic burdens I’ve taken on: too much responsibility is my biggest bugaboo. Perfection ranks up there too. It’s such a gift to be able to release any energy that isn’t mine. Now that’s fun!

This doesn’t mean that I avoid uncomfortable and more negative issues and energies. After years of working with energy and practicing grounded meditation techniques, I’ve learned to know which energies are not me. I trust that I can let go of them, and as I do, my life changes for the better.

Meditation makes it easier for you to know yourself.

Letting go of the energies that aren’t you, helps you to find your own answers, your own truth. Your truth is different from anyone else’s, and knowing it for yourself helps you to become who you want to be. It’s easier to make choices that work in your favor when you know who you truly are.

When you know yourself you can be in your own truth. You’re no longer in effort about being you.

Meditation gives you more energy

You are one of a kind. Your energy, your spirit, is unique to you. Every time you meditate, you have the opportunity to bring more of your own energy back to you, while also letting go of energy you’ve taken on that isn’t you. Doing this gives you more energy – your own. This is the best energy for you, the energy that heals you and helps you feel happy and well. 

Meditation helps you do things that scare you

Okay, here’s the disclaimer. Maybe it’s not always fun to be in the middle of getting your meditation on, because life is deep, real, and sometimes a little scary. It’s not always easy to grow – in fact it’s hard work. Life is challenging, complex, and not going to get simpler by wishing it were so.

You might put it off, saying “I’ll start that meditation thingie tomorrow…”. Or, you sit down to meditate and feel like you’re getting nowhere. You run smack dab into the very energy that you want to be free of, and it’s convinced you that, somehow, you’re the one that’s wrong.

It’s not enough to think your way through this – you’ll want to bring your body along. Grounding yourself gives you the permission to do this. Grounding also gives you the freedom to take a step in a direction you already want to go in, but has scared you a bit.

If you’ve been angry, stuck, and feeling like you want something so very much and it’s just not happening, meanwhile asking yourself questions like How How How Why Why Why When When When??? – you can step off of that roller coaster.

Learning how to ground yourself and then let go of that energy you are so DONE with, is one of the most validating things you can do for yourself.

‘If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try’ – Seth Godin

Meditate for vanity’s sake

Here’s the real secret behind why I’m committed to meditating: vanity. Grounded meditation helps me to feel, and look, younger. Yes, it does.

When you take on energy that isn’t you, that energy can weigh you down. Depending on the kind of energy you’ve taken on, you can feel tired, unsafe, invalidated, in pain or unhappy. Your own energy will never hurt you, but other energies that get in your space, like pain, stress, problems, invalidation – will literally, weigh you down.

These energies weigh your body down as much as your spirit. It becomes harder for you, and your body, to work around those energies. The result is that you use more of your own energy dealing with energy that isn’t you. This is tiring, and will age you. Some of the most challenging energies you may take on include pain, guilt, and responsibility.

Practicing grounded meditation gives you permission to release the energies that aren’t you, so that you can more easily have your own. Hello Fountain of Youth!

Give yourself more time and space

Have you ever noticed that it takes energy in order to relax and sleep soundly? You’ll sleep much better at night if you allow yourself to have rest during the day. Your body won’t feel like it has to keep racing all night long. 

People sometimes don’t take time to meditate because they have busy schedules. They feel like they’re already running from morning until night, and meditation will only add to an already overburdened schedule. 

Creating time to meditate is the answer. The time you spend is well worth it – you’ll add to your clarity, consciousness, and energy levels. You can do this in a busy city, in the middle of your day, anytime. You don’t need to go sit up on a mountain top, away from everyone, in order to find that space within. You can give yourself the time to meditate even in the middle of a busy day, and create more space for yourself.

Here’s what’s not fun: feeling like the events in your life are running you. It can be downright disheartening when events out there, outside of you, are running the show, like the tail wagging the dog instead of the reverse. When you’re stuck in doing and forget to just be, when you wonder why it’s so hard to do what you want to do and to have what you want to have, it might be time to get your meditation on. 

My attitude and approach to meditation is that it can be true fun, total joy. 

It helps to have tools to work with. The tools don’t do the work for you, but they sure do make it easier for you to do your work. Just as a hammer is the best tool for the job of pounding in nails, (much better than a shoe heel, a brick, or your hand…) so a grounding cord is brilliant at what it’s designed to do, better than any other tool you might use. A grounding cord is meant to ground you, and you can create one anytime, anywhere.

Learning to ground, in my opinion, saved my life. I was able to experience and imagine a new way to living and managing my own energy, as a result of grounding myself. This was the beginning of me learning how to deeply heal myself. 

If you’re practicing a grounded form of meditation, you have a lot of permission to play and imagine a new world for yourself, from the inside out. Here’s a free guided meditation that will teach you the basics of grounding yourself. You can find more guided meditation recordings here.

©Kris Cahill

 Image from Nice Art Life Magazine


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