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AOE 004: Knowing Your Value

The Art of Energy Podcast is about awareness of energy, spiritual growth, healing, and being psychic. Episode #4 Knowing Your Value There is a revolution happening on planet earth right now – a revolution about Value. What has value and meaning, and what do we place value on? Are some things and people deemed more […]

Can you have what you came to have?

Can you have for yourself the beauty, wealth, health, happiness, freedom, and love that exist in endless quantities in this Universe? Can you trust in something you may not even have yet and perhaps can’t see, but know in your heart is possible? Or do you control the number of gifts you accept, saying to […]

How do you know your own energy?

Let’s get personal for a moment. When it comes right down to it, there are only two kinds of energy in existence: your energy, and not-your-energy. This is one of the first things I tell students in my meditation classes. It’s a simple idea, sure, but how easy is it to tell which energy is […]

What is it that makes you unique?

There’s no other like you – you are one of a kind – and it is when you find the courage to be who you are, that you can create your true life. It does take the kind of still quiet courage one finds by going deep within and speaking truth in that place.

What is spiritual freedom?

Do you have the freedom to believe what you want, and to live and love as you choose? There are certain freedoms we each take for granted in our lives each day. While you would certainly defend your right to make certain choices, because they are a given for you, there may be other places […]

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