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Listen to your wild self

The other night in a dream, a wild earthy woman spoke to me. Barefoot, wearing colorful clothing, she gave off a magical vibe. She stood near a fire, and on the earth. She belonged to the earth, and looked perfectly comfortable inside her own skin. She did not concern herself with others’ opinions of her. […]

Let go of the lies that keep you smal...

This week’s self healing tip: if you believe something that makes you feel like hiding, find a way to let it go. It is not your truth.  You may need to face it directly first. What is it actually telling you? Do you know who or where it came from? Does it have a face and/or voice […]

Can you ask for what you really want?

What do you want for your life, and for yourself? Do you have permission to ask for what you really want? Whether what you want is to be paid more money, to have good health, or be in a happy relationship, it helps to ask. Are you able to tell yourself and others what you […]

AOE 023: Let Go Of The Past

The Art of Energy Podcast is about awareness of energy, spiritual growth, healing, and being psychic. AOE 023: Let Go Of The Past When you let go of the events of the past, you have the freedom and energy you need to create your present and future. Letting go of the past means you can […]

Do you have to choose between freedom...

Are you torn between choosing to have what you want, and needing to have others approve of you? When you don’t have the freedom to choose to create or have what you truly want, you might be giving up your space to fears that others won’t like you if you do the things you really […]

Are you really who they say you are?

They’ve been doing it your whole life, letting you know who you are and how you fit in. Are you really who, and how, others say you are? It’s not that anyone means you any harm by telling you these things. After all, you’ve probably done the same for others. It can be a great […]

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